Thailand Honeymoon

More than 15.5 million international tourists visited Thailand in 2010, a figure approximately equal to the arrival numbers for Singapore, Vietnam, and the Maldives combined. Boasting vibrant city centres, serene forested hills, and tropical seaside paradises, the 'Land of Smiles' refers just as much to happy travelers as to friendly locals. With its unique attractions, colorful culture, and top class facilities, many visitors are repeat guests, with an increasing number of foreigners opting to tie the knot and spend the first romantic getaway together as Mr & Mrs in amazing Thailand.

Most visitors touch down in the capital Bangkok before transiting to the popular resort areas. Though first time visitors may find it too difficult to navigate, those who give it a shot and dig in will usually find unforgettable honeymoon memories, from arguably the best street food in the world, to fascinating river cruises and ancient temples, plus all the glitz and glamor that gives western capitals a run for their money. Voted 'Best City in the World' by Travel+Leisure for the second year running in 2011 and the city with 'Best Value for Money' by TripAdvisor's TripIndex, Bangkok offers the kind of energy ideal to start a honeymoon.

Depending on where travellers are coming from, cities such as Bangkok might not be so different from the home they left to go on holiday. But Thailand's most spectacular honeymoon attractions are located offshore, on the tropical islands of Koh Samui and Phuket. Located in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea respectively, these two seaside hideaways are the most well developed Thai beach getaways, with world class facilities and a wide range of accommodation choices. However, with the increase of private residences available for rent, and competitive value for money when compared with five star hotel equivalents, many lovebirds are opting for unforgettable destination weddings and a honeymoon on Koh Samui or Phuket.

Whether it's a wedding ceremony complete with Thai traditional ceremonies, or a honeymoon holiday, villas are able to provide that intimate touch and personalised service that a hotel just cannot. Some are located right on the sand with private stretch of beach frontage, and others are located hilltop, providing sweeping views from the moment you open your eyes. Privacy is also guaranteed, with no other guests talking loudly at the other table while you are trying to whisper sweet nothings in each other's ears.

The freedom to choose is also another appealing aspect of renting a private villa - a personal chef can cook whatever you want, whenever you want, and guests can enjoy a canoodle in the private swimming pool. No one matters more on a honeymoon than each other, and private villas are able to provide all the luxuries so a couple can enjoy each other's company. The only complaint with spending a honeymoon in a villa on a tropical Thai island, however, is how banal real life seems after the trip - your spouse aside that is.